Archive for March, 2006

These babies will soon grow out of control.

Boys n the hood

I didn’t think any post could top Sarita with the Kinkster, but this one takes the cake.

You know it’s going to be a good week when you run into Kinky Friedman in the lobby. I first saw him outlined in a celestial white light. Who else could it be but Kinky?!

Senor Gutterman


Cleaning gutters by day, sleeping in them by night.

Project Runway


After weeks of eating nothing but brown rice and steamed veggies, Katy struts her stuff on the Wabi Sabi runway for WabiSabi’s Mardi Gras Fashion Bizarre fundraiser. You look FABULOUS Dah-ling!

Good news from the vet last week: Hallelujah Bernie is healed! She’s not 100% out of the woods, but has impressed the doctor with her recovery and 12 pound weight loss.Can I get an amen?!


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